Material Modeling in Finite Element Analysis

Material Modeling in Finite Element Analysis

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Author(s): Z. Yang

Finite element analysis has been widely applied in mechanical, civil, and biomedical designs. This book aims to provide the readers comprehensive views of various material models with practical examples, which would help readers understand various materials, and build appropriate material models in the finite element analysis.

This book is composed of four main parts: 1) metals, 2) polymers, 3) soils, and 4) modern materials. Each part starts with the structure and function of different materials and then follows the corresponding material models such as BISO, MISO, Chaboche model in metals, Arruda-Boyce model, Mooney-Rivlin model, Ogden model in polymers, Mohr-Coulomb model, Cam Clay model and Jointed Rock model in geomechanics, composites and shape memory alloys in modern materials. The final section presents some specific problems, such as metal forming process, combustion chamber, Mullins effect of rubber tire, breast shape after breast surgery, viscoelasticity of liver soft tissues, tunnel excavation, slope stability, orthodontic wire, and piezoelectric microaccelerometer. All modeling files are provided in the appendixes of the book.

This book would be helpful for graduate students and researchers in the mechanical, civil, and biomedical fields who conduct finite element analysis. The book provides all readers with comprehensive understanding of modeling various materials.


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