Microwave Integrated Circuit Components Design through MATLAB®

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Author(s): S Raghavan


This book teaches the student community microwave integrated circuit component design through MATLAB®, helping the reader to become conversant in using codes and, thereafter, commercial software for verification purposes only. Microwave circuit theory and its comparisons, transmission line networks, S-parameters, ABCD parameters, basic design parameters of planar transmission lines (striplines, microstrips, slot lines, coplanar waveguides, finlines), filter theory, Smith chart, inverted Smith chart, stability circles, noise figure circles and microwave components, are thoroughly explained in the book. The chapters are planned in such a way that readers get a thorough understanding to ensure expertise in design. Aimed at senior undergraduates, graduates and researchers in electrical engineering, electromagnetics, microwave circuit design and communications engineering, this book:

• Explains basic tools for design and analysis of microwave circuits such as the Smith chart and network parameters

• Gives the advantage of realizing the output without wiring the circuit by simulating through MATLAB code

• Compares distributed theory with network theory

• Includes microwave components, filters and amplifiers

S. Raghavan was a Senior Professor (HAG) in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy, India and has 39 years of teaching and research experience at the Institute. His interests include: microwave integrated circuits, RF MEMS, Bio MEMS, metamaterial, frequency selective surfaces (FSS), substrate integrated waveguides (SIW), biomedical engineering and microwave engineering. He has established state-of-the-art MICs and microwave research laboratories at NIT, Trichy with funding from the Indian government. He is a Fellow/Senior Member in more than 24 professional societies including: IEEE (MTT, EMBS, APS), IETE, IEI, CSI, TSI, ISSS, ILA and ISOI. He is twice a recipient of the Best Teacher Award, and has received the Life Time Achievement Award, Distinguished Professor of Microwave Integrated Circuit Award and Best Researcher Award.


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