Applied Agricultural Practices for Mitigating Climate Change [Volume 2]

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Conservation agriculture is a sustainable production model that not only optimizes crop yields, but also reaps economic and environmental benefits as well. The adoption of successful conservation agriculture methods has resulted in energy savings, higher organic matter content and biotic activity in soil, increased crop-water availability and thus resilience to drought, improved recharge of aquifers, less erosion, and reduced impacts from the weather associated with climate change in general.

Applied Agricultural Practices for Mitigating Climate Change examines several important aspects of crop production, such as the use of microorganisms and biofertilizers as well as GIS and Remote Sensing applications. It presents the latest techniques in crop modeling, best practices for irrigation under water deficit conditions, and other approaches for sustainable conservation agriculture that consider the environmental effects of climate change.


  • Examines the effects of climate change on agriculture and the related strategies for mitigation through practical, real-world examples
  • Explores innovative on-farm technology options to increase system efficiency resulting in improved water usage
  • Presents examples of precision farming using climate-resilient technologies


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