Chemical Thermodynamics : Theory and Applications

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Author(s): W.J. Rankin

This book develops the theory of chemical thermodynamics from first principles, demonstrates its relevance across scientific and engineering disciplines, and shows how thermodynamics can be used as a practical tool for understanding natural phenomena and developing and improving technologies and products.

Concepts such as internal energy, enthalpy, entropy, and Gibbs energy are explained using ideas and experiences familiar to students, and realistic examples are given so the usefulness and pervasiveness of thermodynamics becomes apparent. The worked examples illustrate key ideas and demonstrate important types of calculations, and the problems at the end of chapters are designed to reinforce important concepts and show the broad range of applications. Most can be solved using digitized data from open access databases and a spreadsheet. Answers are provided for the numerical problems.

A particular theme of the book is the calculation of the equilibrium composition of systems, both reactive and non-reactive, and this includes the principles of Gibbs energy minimization. The overall approach leads to the intelligent use of thermodynamic software packages but, while these are discussed and their use demonstrated, they are not the focus of the book, the aim being to provide the necessary foundations. Another unique aspect is the inclusion of three applications chapters: heat and energy aspects of processing; the thermodynamics of metal production and recycling; and applications of electrochemistry.

This book is aimed primarily at students of chemistry, chemical engineering, applied science, materials science, and metallurgy, though it will be also useful for students undertaking courses in geology and environmental science.

A solutions manual is available for instructors.


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