Innovative Teaching and Learning Methods in Educational Systems : Proceedings of the International Conference on Teacher Education and Professional Development (INCOTEPD 2018), October 28, 2018, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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This proceedings volume of InCoTEPD 2018 covers many ideas for handling a wide variety of challenging issues in the field of education. The outstanding ideas dealing with these issues result in innovation of the system. There are many innovation strategies resulting from recent research that are discussed in this book. These strategies will become the best starting points to solve current and future problems.

This book provides an in-depth coverage of educational innovation developments with an emphasis on educational systems, formal or informal education strategies, learning models, and professional teachers. Indeed, those developments are very important to be explored for obtaining the right way of problem-solving.

Providing many ideas from the theoretical foundation into the practice, this book is versatile and well organized for an appropriate audience in the field of education. It is an extremely useful reference for students, teachers, professors, practitioners, and government representatives in many countries.


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