Antioxidant Status, Diet, Nutrition, and Health

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This is the first book to integrate the biological, nutritional, and health aspects of antioxidant status. Fifty contributors integrate and transfer the knowledge of free radicals and antioxidants from the test tube to the laboratory of the biologist, clinical nutritionist, and medical researcher, as well as to the office of the dietician, nutritionist, and physician. Topics examined include factors affecting and methods for evaluating antioxidant status in humans; effect of diet and physiological stage (infancy, aging, exercise, alcoholism, HIV infection, etc.) on antioxidant status; and the role of antioxidant status in nutrition, health, and disease.

"[This book] is excellent, very topical...a first-rate range of authors." -Letter from Barry Halliwell, Professor of Internal Medicine and Biochemistry, Pharmacology Group, King's College, University of London, England "Dr. Papas succeeded admirably in collecting together in a single volume the present knowledge on antioxidants. This book is a must for anyone seriously interested in the science and practice of good nutrition and prevention of disease." -K.C. Nicolaou, Chairman, Department of Chemistry, The Scripps Research Institute and Professor of Chemistry, University of California, San Diego "Andreas Papas has, in this text, brought together a number of the world's leading experts to provide a current account of matters in this fast moving area of medical research. The collection of articles he has compiled presents an up to date account of the many varied aspects of antioxidants in human health and nutrition. This definitive text is suitable for use in advanced undergraduate and graduate courses and is a must for the shelves of anyone interested in this fascinating area of research." -Dr. Frank J. Kelly, Head, Lung Biology, the Rayne Institute, St. Thomas Hospital, London England; Secretary, International Antioxidant Research Centre, King's College, University of London; and Treasurer, European Society of Free Radical Research "Dr. Papas and his stellar collection of contributors have succeeded in compiling a comprehensive yet readable treatise on the current scientific evidence about antioxidants and health. This publication will be invaluable to industry scientists involved in product development and marketing, to regulators and public health officials engaged in refining healthpolicies, and to academics and students seeking a cogent review of the emerging science." -Annette Dickinson, Director, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Council for Responsible Nutrition, Washington, D.C. "The book contains several superb chapters by authors with defined viewpoints and up-to-date knowledge of recent concepts...The leading authors, all of whom are intimately involved with these fascinating reviews, have developed this book as an essential reference for scientists, clinicians, nutritionists and students in the field of free radicals and antioxidants." -Andrew Czeizel, M.D., D.Sc., Retired Director, Institute of Genetics, Hungary

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