Subsurface Contamination Monitoring Using Laser Fluorescence

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Author(s): Katharine Balshaw-Biddle, Carroll L. Oubre, C. H. Ward

While innovative technologies in remediation need to be developed, so do innovative ways of site assessment. This monograph describes the development, testing, and performance of a new laser-induced fluorescence soil probe. A screening tool for site characterization, this probe has the potential to provide an economical, rapid assessment of contaminated sites.
Cone Penetrometer testing equipment advances the probe into the subsurface. The probe identifies hydrocarbon classes using a multi-channel excitation-emission matrix. This technique facilitates the collection of significant amounts of subsurface information - surpassing conventional data collection methods - that can be used to rapidly identify areas of concern beneath a site. The technology has significant application for the following:

  • Rapid environmental site assessment
  • Monitoring remediation programs
  • Monitoring manufacturing processes and industrial waste water operations
    Subsurface Contamination Monitoring Using Laser Fluorescence provides comprehensive reference material for researchers and engineers as well as engineering consultants interested in subsurface monitoring techniques or further development of this technology. It describes innovative technology that focuses on finding cost effective solutions for site assessment and remediation.

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