Recent Advances in Analysis, Design and Construction of Shell & Spatial Structures in the Asia-Pacific Region

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This edited volume features a collection of extended versions of 13 papers originally published in the proceedings of the 12th Asian Pacific Conference on Shell & Spatial Structures held in Penang, Malaysia in October 2018. All chapters in this book have been written by experts from Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, China and Japan, and compiles recent advances in the analysis, design and construction of shell and spatial structures specifically in the Asia Pacific region.

The contents of the book include (i) the application of advancement in analysis technique and computer technology to the realization of complex and iconic spatial structures, (ii) advanced stability analysis of novel structural forms, (iii) lessons learnt from the health condition of existing spatial structures and damaged spatial structures, (iv) promising ideas and new structural concepts, (v) fundamental study on numerical method for analysis, (vi) design of large-scale and space smart structure system and (vii) educational instructions for beginners in structural design.

Researchers, practitioners and contractors in structural engineering, architecture and the built environment with a special interest in shell and spatial structures will find this book useful as it contains a wealth of information on their analysis, design and construction. University students will also find this book a valuable reference for their research studies.


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