A Model to Forecast Future Paradigms : Volume 1: Introduction to Knowledge Is Power in Four Dimensions

A Model to Forecast Future Paradigms : Volume 1: Introduction to Knowledge Is Power in Four Dimensions

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Author(s): Bahman Zohuri, Farhang Mossavar-Rahmani

In this volume, the authors’ two-fold objective is to lay out a methodology and approach that allows the reader to learn how to utilize existing technology in the form of computer software and hardware for forecasting and decision-making and to discuss factors that affect upcoming events that, in turn, shape future paradigms.

With the sheer volume of information available and the ever-greater ease of access, it is becoming increasingly difficult to introduce an appropriate methodology of decision-making that is fast enough to be effective. The demand for real-time information processing and related data—both structured and unstructured—is on the rise. This rise makes it challenging to implement correct decision-making within enterprises at a level that keeps organizations robust and resilient against natural and man-made disasters. This volume provides an understanding of these factors and will help decision-makers be better prepared to face future challenges and will assist them in coping with unexpected circumstances.

This volume is divided into two parts. Part one discusses a "technological infrastructure" so that readers can gain a greater understanding based on the knowledge of tomorrow’s computing functionality. The second part goes on to discuss the key indicators in the areas of population, culture, economics, climate change, and the impacts of technology in commerce and socially—which all need to be considered when forecasting a future paradigm.

The authors will follow this introductory volume with additional volumes that review and analyse other critical indicators in the areas of geopolitics, the nature of political power around the globe, and other applications of technology and energy.


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