Selling Safety : Lessons from a Former Front-Line Supervisor

Selling Safety : Lessons from a Former Front-Line Supervisor

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Author(s): Patrick J. Karol

To be successful, we need to understand the basic principles of selling and leadership, and how those aspects apply to safety. Supervisors have the greatest influence on employee behavior and are often held accountable for safety performance. Selling safety to upper management is different; it’s very different than selling safety to the front-line employee. Selling Safety: Lessons from a Former Front-Line Supervisor explains the three key characteristics of a successful leader; Vision, Knowledge and Heart. Patrick Karol relates these core characteristics to safety leadership and provides actions that can be used today. He explains the lessons learned based on his experiences and the teachings of current leaders inside and outside the safety field.

  • Offers selling techniques to safety leadership
  • Covers three (3) key components of successful leaders and applies them to safety leadership
  • Presents real life scenarios, examples and obstacles
  • Includes a Safety Leadership Self-Assessment and Personal Action Plan worksheet that readers can use to develop their plan

  • Review(s):

    "Pat does a great job capturing the key elements of safety – that genuine care and concern for the well-being of others. He is extremely effective articulating how he makes safety personal, which comes alive in his book the same way he communicates with live audiences. A very genuine, heartfelt message that really resonates with leaders and front-line workers. Pat’s message has had a great impact on our organization – a definite must read!"
    David DiBoyan, CIH, CSP, VP, EHS, Hexcel Corporation

    "Pat Karol provides relatable real-world operational experience on how policy, procedure, and equipment alone doesn’t make for a solid safety culture. Pat’s message resounded with our organization’s front-line leaders and helped them to understand that true change comes from knowing what is important to their associates, and how that knowledge helps drive safe behavior."
    Jason Herr, Vice President of Safety

    "If you are looking for a good, easy to read safety management book, I recommend Selling Safety- Lessons from a Former Front-Line Supervisor. One of my favorites quotes- ‘Some people see safety as compliance, audits, inspections... Safety is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those front-line supervisors we serve and to show leaders how safety can contribute to the business."
    Carol Henson, EHS Systems and Compliance Manager at Cox Automotive, Inc.

    "My #OSH colleague Patrick J. Karol CSP ARM SMS CIT has written a great book that I encourage you to add to your library. "Selling Safety: Lessons Learned from a Former Front-Line Supervisor" is the definition of a real-world story of Pat's journey from an hourly worker in a glass bottle factory to a senior safety manager to a consultant. Pat describes his path from the early mistakes he made and learned from to eventually understanding how to sell safety to those who are at the sharp end of the spear, as we say these days.

    His pragmatic style will resonate with those of you who have a passion to be an advocate for workers, by helping them to find the personal connection that brings them on board. And if you ever get the chance to see Pat speak at a conference or listen to him in a Webinar, take advantage."

    ––Pam Walaski, CSP, Sr Program Director - Specialty Technical Consultants

    Pat Karol's book is an invaluable resource for safety professionals. Pat inspires outstanding safety practices and behavior from the front-line worker to the upper tiers of safety management, This well-written book helps the reader develop a deeper understanding of safety practices by providing personal real-life work-place scenarios of safety issues. It not only informs the reader of best safety practices but shows the reader how to incorporate this knowledge into the workplace. This book is a must-read for safety professionals.

    –– Steven Proser, President- Steven Malcolm Proser Consulting, LLC

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