Safe Work Practices for Wastewater Treatment Plants

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Author(s): Frank R. Spellman, Kathern D. Welsh

This book details how to start and maintain a successful safety program in a municipal or industrial water or wastewater plant with special emphasis on the practical implementation. This new edition provides the latest OSHA regulations and recommendations, and each chapter has been updated with new information, including the latest innovations related to all types of successfully proven health and safety protocols. Coverage includes safety programs, recordkeeping, safety training, safety equipment, and safe work practices for wastewater treatment facilities. In addition, much of the text should be relevant to safety and health professionals in almost any industrial setting.


"The chapter titles are intriguing and cause interest for the contents, and the accounts based on true events are very valuable. Safe Work Practices for Wastewater Treatment Plants, Third Edition thoroughly covers the most essential issues of the safety at workplaces and can be of great help for the practitioners in safety and health issues."
—Jelena Malahova, Riga Technical University, Latvia

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