Carbon Black : Science and Technology, Second Edition

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The second edition of this reference provides comprehensive examinations of developments in the processing and applications of carbon black, including the use of new analytical tools such as scanning tunnelling microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and inverse gas chromatography.;Completely rewritten and updated by numerous experts in the field to reflect the enormous growth of the field since the publication of the previous edition, Carbon Black: discusses the mechanism of carbon black formation based on recent advances such as the discovery of fullerenes; elucidates micro- and macrostructure morphology and other physical characteristics; outlines the fractal geometry of carbon black as a new approach to characterization; reviews the effect of carbon black on the electrical and thermal conductivity of filled polymers; delineates the applications of carbon black in elastomers, plastics, and zerographic toners; and surveys possible health consequences of exposure to carbon black.;With over 1200 literature citations, tables, and figures, this resource is intended for physical, polymer, surface and colloid chemists; chemical and plastics engineers; spectroscopists; materials scientists; occupational safety and health physicians; and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

". . .provides excellent coverage of all areas related to carbon black manufacturing, properties, and processing. . .the information available in this book is not available elsewhere in such great detail. "
---IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine
". . .the editors and the authors should be commended for. . .providing the carbon black community with a new edition of this. . .comprehensive and thorough treatise. "
---The Chemical Engineering Journal

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