Biomedical Applications of Magnetic Particles

Biomedical Applications of Magnetic Particles

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Biomedical Applications of Magnetic Particles discusses fundamental magnetic nanoparticle physics and chemistry and explores important biomedical applications and future challenges.

The first section presents the fundamentals of the field by explaining the theory of magnetism, describing techniques to synthesize magnetic particles, detailing methods to characterize magnetic particles, and quantitatively describing the applied magnetic forces, torques, and the resultant particle motions. The second section describes the wide range of biomedical applications, including chemical sensors, cellular actuators, drug delivery, magnetic hyperthermia, magnetic resonance imaging contrast enhancement, and toxicity.

Additional key features include:

  • Covers both introduction to physics and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles and the state of the art in biomedical applications
  • Authoritative reference for scientists and engineers for all new or old to the field
  • Describes how the size of magnetic nanoparticles affects their magnetic properties, colloidal properties, and biological properties.

Written by a team of internationally respected experts, this book provides an up-to-date authoritative reference for scientists and engineers.


"When I opened this book and saw the list of authors I instantly knew that it was going to become the first book I’d recommend to every person starting to work in this field.

The experience Thompson Mefford and Jeffrey Anker have organizing the Frontiers in Magnetic Nanoparticles Conference series is clearly reflected in this book. They have made the perfect selection of leading experts to describe all of the most recent advances in each biomedical application, but at the same time have made an impressive effort to compile the state of the art in characterization techniques used to understand the fundamental properties of the magnetic nanoparticles.

Altogether, this makes the book both accessible to newcomers to the field of magnetic nanoparticles as well as highly recommended for professionals who are aiming for deeper fundamental insights."

- Lucía Gutiérrez, Research Fellow, University of Zaragoza


"Biomedical Applications of Magnetic Particles marks a moment in time when seemingly impossible connections are being made, at the nanoscale, between inorganic matter and organic forms - from proteins to tissues - for the benefit of the health of us all. It is an exemplary combination of explanation and inspiration. It’s first third comprises a review of the underpinning science, written in an easily understood style. The remainder comprises an extremely useful snapshot of state-of-the-art innovation in this rapidly expanding field, based on wide-ranging and authoritative contributions from world-leading authors. Together, it makes for an informative and compelling text."

- Prof. Quentin Pankhurst, University College London, UK.

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