Cryogenic Heat Transfer

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Author(s): Randall F. Barron, Gregory F. Nellis

Cryogenic Heat Transfer, Second Edition continues to address specific heat transfer problems that occur in the cryogenic temperature range where there are distinct differences from conventional heat transfer problems. This updated version examines the use of computer-aided design in cryogenic engineering and emphasizes commonly used computer programs to address modern cryogenic heat transfer problems. It introduces additional topics in cryogenic heat transfer that include latent heat expressions; lumped-capacity transient heat transfer; thermal stresses; Laplace transform solutions; oscillating flow heat transfer, and computer-aided heat exchanger design. It also includes new examples and homework problems throughout the book, and provides ample references for further study.

New in the Second Edition:

  • Expands on thermal properties at cryogenic temperatures to include latent heats and superfluid helium
  • Develops the material on conduction heat transfer and divides it into four separate chapters to facilitate understanding of the separate features and computational techniques in conduction heat transfer
  • Introduces EES (Engineering Equation Solver), a computer-aided design tool, and other computer applications such as Maple
  • Describes special features of heat transfer at cryogenic temperatures such as analysis with variable thermal properties, heat transfer in the near-critical region, Kapitza conductance, and network analysis for free-molecular heat transfer
  • Includes design procedures for cryogenic heat exchangers

Cryogenic Heat Transfer, Second Edition discusses the unique problems surrounding conduction heat transfer at cryogenic temperatures. This second edition incorporates various computational software methods, and provides expanded and updated topics, concepts, and applications throughout. The book is designed as a textbook for students interested in thermal problems occurring at cryogenic temperatures and also serves as reference on heat transfer material for practicing cryogenic engineers.


"This is the best all-around heat transfer book I have seen as well as one that uniquely covers all areas important to cryogenics. The book has a very strong theoretical background behind the derivation of important heat transfer equations. It is well organized and easy to follow. The book contains many tables and graphs of material properties at cryogenic temperatures, which along with all of the analytical equations make this book an exceptionally useful reference work for students and experts alike. All researchers in cryogenics should have this book on their shelves."
—Ray Radebaugh, National Institute of Standards and Technology (retired)

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