Nuclear Systems Volume II : Elements of Thermal Hydraulic Design

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Author(s): Neil E. Todreas, Mujid S. Kazimi, Mahmoud Massoud

Nuclear Systems Volume II: Elements of Thermal Hydraulic Design, Second Edition provides advanced coverage of a wide variety of thermal fluid systems and technologies in nuclear power plants, including discussions of the latest reactor designs and their thermal/fluid technologies. Beyond the thermal hydraulic design and analysis of the core of a nuclear reactor, the book covers other components of the nuclear power plant, such as the pressurizer, containment, and the entire primary coolant system.

Placing more emphasis on the appropriate models for small scale resolution of the velocity and temperature fields through computational fluid mechanics, the book shows how this enhances the accuracy of predicted operating conditions in nuclear plants. It introduces considerations of the laws of scaling and uncertainty analysis, along with a wider coverage of the phenomena encountered during accidents.

The book serves as a textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students taking courses in nuclear engineering, studying thermal/hydraulic systems in nuclear power plants.


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