Ornamental Fishes and Aquatic Invertebrates : Self-Assessment Color Review, Second Edition

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This is a new edition in the Self-Assessment Colour Review series that covers ornamental fish. It includes 200 colour illustrated cases in random order, as they would be presented in practice. It presents questions based on each case with answers that fully explore the disease/disorder. This new edition contains 250 new cases. The book should appeal to candidates preparing for examinations and to practitioners in their continuing education.


"Dr. Lewbart is a world-renowned fish and invertebrate veterinarian, and he has gathered clinical cases for this book from many other experts in the field…This is a unique and necessary addition to the library of aquatic medicine books… Since this is a quickly growing field, this edition is welcomed with its updated techniques and new variety of cases."

– 96/100, 4 stars, Karisa N Tang, DVM(University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine), Doody’s Book Review Service

"This book is an essential addition to the library of anyone interested in, or practising, aquatic veterinary medicine. It works not only as a self assessment for experienced colleagues, but also as an educational resource and provides helpful insights into difficult cases. The book is at its strongest as an educational resource, providing a starting point for students or veterinarians to discuss and further explore the cases. For those looking to explore this fascinating and expanding area of veterinary medicine there are few texts that provide the amount of information contained in this volume for the price… "

– Chris Walster, Fish vet, in Veterinary Record Oct 2017

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