Conciliation in Healthcare : v. 2, Care and Practice

Conciliation in Healthcare : v. 2, Care and Practice

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Author(s): Anne Ward Platt, Liam Donaldson

Conciliation is the term used in the National Health Service to describe a particular form of dispute resolution that is used in relation to the complaints process. Conciliation has uses beyond the resolution of complaints. It can be of value in any situation where the clinical relationship has broken down. Equally, it may be used in an attempt to restore relationships as part of conflict management, either within the NHS or in other organisations where conflict or disagreement exists. This concise, practical guide clearly sets out the role of conciliation, and dispels the many misconceptions surrounding procedures and expectations. Conciliation in Healthcare provides invaluable resources for all healthcare staff involved in complaints, either from an operational, strategic or academic perspective. This includes conciliators themselves and those involved in their training, and staff with specific responsibilities for implementing complaints procedures, both in the public and private sectors. It's also highly recommended for those who provide advocacy and support for complainants, as well as those against whom complaints have been made.


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