Angeles Surrandome

Angeles Surrandome

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Life is a coming death, just as death is the vacation of life. What happens then when we die? Will we return, one day, to see ours? Is death the end? Is there a heaven? All this was asked by our protagonist Bartholomew Smith when his wife, Ariadne, suddenly died leaving him a widower and in the care of his three daughters. Ariadna died secretly, most of those who do so, and Bartholomew was left with a grief that became depression translated into addiction. From that moment on, a plot is woven in which he and his three daughters face the challenge of surviving the absence of the being they loved most, to re-invent themselves, as a family, in a world where, at times, evil reigns.

Author: Erika España 

Edicion: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1392-3