Antes de Soñar el Verso

Antes de Soñar el Verso

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It should be noted that the poets of this anthology have endorsed the lessons and practices on the image. It is necessary to delve deeper into their treatment and expression is true, but like the good ones, they do not accept being called perfect because they always look for the best in such difficult art.

Author: Delgado; Yolanda, Rodríguez Castro; Judith, Mayor Gil; Paola Andrea, Zibara; Antonio, Reyes Otero; Juan Fernando, Lozano; Edgar, Posada De Pupo; María Elisa, Puerto Osorio; Fernando, Muñoz; Blanca Elena, Gamboa Molina; María Teresa, Zúñiga Azcárate; Cornelio. 

Edicion: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1394-7