Cálidad y servicio conceptos y herramientas 3ra edición

Cálidad y servicio conceptos y herramientas 3ra edición

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Based on his analysis, the author concludes that there is a limited development of the print in this period, which hindered the progress of the press; from the newspapers, the New Granada was represented as a fragmented and conflictive society with very strong links to Spain; independence was not a linear or continuous process, but a difficult process driven by the conjunctural events of the Napoleonic invasion; through the newspapers, it can be seen that the enlightened Creoles pay fidelity to Ferdinand VII until they are denied the principle of political and economic autonomy; the contents of the press circulated in the population, highly illiterate, through oral mechanisms such as rumor and opinion subjects. In addition, the people were not passive, participated and demanded political participation in the events that took place in New Granada.

Author: Vargas Martha Elena, Aldana de Vega Luzángela

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 9789587710847