Cinefilia. Entre el gusto y la calidad

Cinefilia. Entre el gusto y la calidad

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This is not a film criticism text, nor a deep treatise on cinema, nor the summary of a research report, although it will surely have elements of all the previous ones. It is the compilation of some texts written around the concept and experience of cinephilia with a pedagogical intention and debate. The book in his hands speaks of cinephilia from the idea that taste is not synonymous with quality. This is how it is intended to raise a healthy discussion about the difference between the two terms, a difficult and diffuse border that is sometimes complicated even for the most critical film experts. The reader is expected to feel that he has a text that will allow him to know other points of view in front of the cinema; but, above all, enjoy it and continue enjoying the magic of the films that offer us a window open to the world and a mirror in which we can see each other well.

Author: Rivera Betancur Jerónimo León

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978951204106