Como Gritar Para Que Voten Por Mi

Como Gritar Para Que Voten Por Mi

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This book is the result of many years of experience as a political advisor and consultant. The approaches here are express is the result of experiences and knowledge practical. It is not a question of making complex theoretical elucidations, but of sharing with some people some criteria that I have formed through professional practice. An exercise that oscillates in the extremes, because sometimes our advisers They touch the sky and others kiss the mud. Both places leave learnings that are important to keep in mind when successfully addressing a political aspiration. Advisors must get used to enduring criticism and receiving hugs with the same tranquility with which joys and sorrows are shared because this activity always has an unavoidable result: either it is won or lost. Along the way, we have had the opportunity to share hopes and meet hard realities. They are many years knowing big and small politicians who share the same desire for power.


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