Como los primeros doce

Como los primeros doce

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What is the meaning of life? This is the fundamental question of human beings. And the answer to that question marks the mood and wealth (or misery) of existence. In addition, you can give clues to find the path that leads to your own and others' happiness. In this book, we study several cases of people who raised that question, and others who found the answer almost without looking for it. All agree that, upon discovering the vocation of Jesus Christ, they experienced what Pope Francis calls "the stupor of an encounter." This work, which aims to open new horizons to youth, appears at a very opportune moment when the Church intends to study the faith and vocational discernment of the youth of the new millennium. Based on the experience of the university meetings that are at the origin of the text, his style seeks to combine rigor in exegesis with the anecdotes and quotes of contemporary authors and saints. This publication aspires to be not only reading material but reflection and personal prayer. That way can happen what also explains the Argentine Pope, that Jesus "first": "You want to find it, but He finds us first."

Author: Eslava Euclides

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 9789581204410