Crisis Mundial

Crisis Mundial

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When the Economic Crisis in the United States arises, initially arising from the Subprime Mortgages or «Ninjas» and then its repercussions in the Banking Sector International, on the Wall Street Stock Exchange and its metastasis recessive in all economies and countries, publishers We begin the analysis and consultations with specialists to Structure this book.

Author: Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz,George Soros,Mikhail rbachev,  Eduardo Sarmiento P., Alvin Toffler / Heidi Toffler,Paul A. Samuelson, Jon Azua,  Gordon Brown,  Federico Steinberg,  Alicia García-Herrero,  Andrés Oppenheimer, Fernando Henrique Cardoso,Nathan Gardels,  Tribune Media Services TMS, The New York Times,  Real Instituto Elcano, The Times - Newspaper

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ISBN: 978-958-06-1114-1