Del Anonimato a la Cima

Del Anonimato a la Cima

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Germán, my autobiography will be published and I want you to be the one to write the prologue. But it is for now. ” That was the call I received here in Spain from Doctor Rincon and this reflects what he is: don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today. If there is a person who acts without bad intention; who doesn't want to hurt you and is willing to help you, that's Doctor Rincon. As the popular saying: "He is friends with his friends" and as Sophocles said: "He who knows how to correspond to a favor received is a friend who has no price." That their manners for many are not the best, they may be right, but make no mistake; on many occasions when what others want is done, they are called good manners. The spirit of rebellion that gave us our origins and the desire to have our own seal, can explain their special way of being.


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