Democracia en Lllamas

Democracia en Lllamas

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General Officer of the active reserve, served in the National Police for 33 years, directed different units against drug trafficking and terrorism, was director of anti-extortion and anti-kidnapping, Region Commander and director of protection and special services where he led by several years The protection of officials of the three branches of public power; From the same direction I develop programs for the protection of children and adolescents at the national level, I implement the project of investigative units of crimes committed against children and adolescents. Business Administrator of the EAN School of Business Administration, with executive studies at the University of Management in Switzerland; Expert in security and intelligence issues, with studies in security and defense at the Inter-American Defense College in Washington D.C. He has received, among other decorations, the order of Boyacá in the rank of Grand Officer.

Author: Mayor Gral. Nicolas Muñoz 

Edicion: 1 

Language: Spanish

ISBN:  978-958-06-1399-2