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Ana Gloria Moya, an Argentine writer, born in Tucumán and based in Salta, has won several awards in literary competitions since 1990. It is the symbol of the best literature in northern Argentina. The characters in his stories are in love with love and victims of heartbreak. As his prologue, Leonor Rosas Villada says: “She releases her hair, installs herself in front of the blank sheet and little by little, without false calls calling things by her name tells us how noble and atrocious love can have, or open cuts of terror with artisan certainty in some of his compositions. Writing of everyday life, where the characters range from a cup of coffee to make a crime in the passive nostalgia of a lost good, is the formula with which the author makes fiction so credible.

Author: Ana Gloria Moya

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1046-0