El Amor de un Fantasma

El Amor de un Fantasma

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I hate this place, I really hate it! I don't know what a pity I am paying but in this interval I get frustrated easily and over the years I get irritated with any noise. Wow times have changed. Before, horses were the way humans were transported, now there are cars and these, unhinged me. In this house two families have lived after hers, I suppose if he didn't lie to me about that too. But thanks to them I learned and I had the idea of how the world has evolved, I can hear them ... I really listen to them and if I want I can touch them and make them see me while they are at home, or until they irritate me or make me angry to the point where I end up cursing the day I made the decision of belonging to her and being only her.


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ISBN: 978-958-06-1226-3