El Amor… Estrato 7

El Amor… Estrato 7

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The story that tells us QUIQUE VALDECABRAS, is an example, that sometimes, what looks like fiction, is or was the reality. It is not difficult to imagine that if a residence of the third age is 500 meters from a brothel on the outskirts of a city and without any building in between, sooner or later, something "rare" must occur. The vision of dozens of recruits, about to enter the army, surrounding a prostitution house that had only eight patrons, is not surprising that it was engraved in the imagination of teenage schoolboys, as the author, for life. In some countries, damn it !! Its citizens are classified from 1 to 6 damn it !! Those of stratum 1 is supposed to be the poor, the less fortunate. Those of stratum 6, it is assumed, are the most fortunate, whom they call rich. Both those of stratum 1 and those of stratum 6 reproduce in the same way. Thank God, long live equality!

Author: Quique Valdecabras

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1261-2