El andiero

El andiero

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Carlos - a simple, humble and big-hearted man - is the central character who will surprise you with his detailed life experiences, convinced that this is more bearable if you give him a touch of humor; It will show you on a route of the Colombian geography that goes from La Heroica with its historical legacy to Barranca Bermeja as the city of Oro Negro, passing through places, many of which are lost from the map such as Yarirí, Guayabo, Buenavista, Palenquillo, Barbú, Nervití, Matecaña, Chingalé, Puerto Mosquito, Costilla, Los Negritos, by others that may be more accessible such as Arjona, El Centro, Galán, Santa Ana, Plato and Barranca Nueva, and by the surrounding districts.

Author: C. Nagles

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1269-8