El Conde de Montecristo Tomo 1

El Conde de Montecristo Tomo 1

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Edmond Dantés, a fabulously rich, mysterious and eccentric man is the victim of a plot that throws him for fourteen years into the damp dungeons of the castle of If. After escaping, it is done with an immense treasure hidden on the island of Monte Cristo and prepares a terrible, ruthless and inflexible revenge as destiny, above all human and divine laws. The extraordinary inventiveness of Alejandro Dumas associates in rapid succession the most fantastic adventures told in an agile style, full of rhythm and color, thanks to which the fortunes and misfortunes of the mysterious Count of Montecristo occupy, in their own right, a prominent place in the history of adventure and entertainment literature.

Author: Alejandro Dumas

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-607-8259-06-9