El enigma colmenares ¿homicidio o accidente?

El enigma colmenares ¿homicidio o accidente?

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In the novel El enigma Colmenares ¿homicide or accident ?, the journalist Maureén Maya achieves something exceptional: imagine the different hypotheses of what happened around the mysterious death of Luis Andrés Colmenares. Based on an exhaustive investigation the author builds an extraordinary story. Fiction and reality interweave to approach us from different perspectives on how the events could have happened. A novel that is part of the memory of millions of Colombians. Faced with the slowness of justice, only a laborious imagination and an intrepid literary genre can assemble the puzzle of this enigma that seems to have no end.

Author: Maureen Maya Sierra

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1215-5