El hijo de María

El hijo de María

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The purpose of this work is to facilitate that “prayerful encounter with the Word”, the sincere dialogue with the Lord, and therefore the option to delve into the Gospel to deepen the authentic Christian celebration of Christmas. With scientific rigor and historical seriousness, but with the awareness that the Holy Spirit now acts to reveal what is convenient for today's reader. An added richness of these texts is that it takes advantage of the treasures of the liturgy: comments of the Fathers of the Church, Eucharistic prayers, hymns of the Liturgy of the hours, etc. He also goes to the preaching of the last Popes and the recent teaching. In addition, contemporary saints are cited, who help apply the evangelical teachings to the society in which we live, dotted with anecdotes that rejoice the consideration of the Incarnation and the Birth of Jesus Christ.

Author: Euclides Eslava

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 9789581204892