El Narco Rescatado del Infierno

El Narco Rescatado del Infierno

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THIS IS THE AWESOME and convulsed life of an international drug trafficker, who narrates the way whoever was a poor and dreamy child and through drugs manages to amass a huge fortune, obtains great power and gets to rub shoulders with Pablo's likes Escobar as a large-scale seller of cocaine in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. My activities in the world of drugs made me one of the main objectives of the US drug agency DEA. Always escaping from its claws, my life outside the law is a compendium of the compliments and frustrations that the bad money has given, with its sequel to death, betrayal, luxuries, beautiful women, and finally the bars of a prison that They stole 18 years of the long-awaited freedom that I enjoy today.

Author: Jota Cardona

Edition: 1

Language: Language

ISBN: 978-958-06-1231-5