El ser humano y su dimensión bioética

El ser humano y su dimensión bioética

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Bioethics, as "bridge science", helps regulate the actions of the person with life in general, but particularly with human life, which does not admit contemplation for its particular projection to transcendence. And those contributions that bioethics gives us can be found in four major fields that are: the ethical problems that arise in the practice of health professions; the ethical problems that may emerge in research with human beings; the social problems inherent in health policies, and problems related to the intervention on the life of other living beings, plants, microorganisms, animals and, in general, what concerns the balance of the ecosystem. This is the vision that arises in this work, where the central reflection summons the reader to rethink the true dimension of man in the face of developments in science and biotechnology.

Author: El ser humano y su dimensión bioética

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 9789581203345