Espejos de Noviembre

Espejos de Noviembre

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On the morning of November 6, 1985 Francisco said goodbye to his girlfriend without knowing that he had just conceived his only son, and that two hours later, while presenting for a job interview, he was going to find himself trapped in the middle of an armed assault on the Palace of Justice, changing the course of their destiny forever. Years later, Daniel, a young law student, is hired by his professor, the prestigious lawyer José María Videgaray, to try to find information about some of the events that occurred during the violent takeover, ignoring that this search will lead him to discover the ghosts of his lost identity, which keep the secrets of a generation marked by the tragic fate of violence and abandonment.

Author: John Londoño

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1321-3