Estudiar las audiencias tradiciones y perspectivas

Estudiar las audiencias tradiciones y perspectivas

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This book aims to raise, at least, some questions about the problem of audiences: what is the effect and impact that these new ways of categorizing audiences can have on the media industry itself and the communication markets? What currents of study around the audiences can help us better to explain this phenomenon? Which has been relegated within this communicative transformation? In addition, their interest is to show the theoretical and research challenges involved in thinking about the audiences today and to offer Reader an extensive introduction to the problem. Its objective is to broaden the debate, moving it from a fragmented scenario in the visions about the audience to an integrator, which brings researchers closer to having considerations that link different questions and that allow individuals to be better approached, rather than quantification. of its consumption.

Author: González Manuel Ignacio, Roncallo Sergio, Arango Germán

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 9789581204823