Eugenia Grandet

Eugenia Grandet

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Story of a heroine, daughter of a wealthy investor, which is besieged by two bourgeois families looking for her hand. She remains true to her true love, her cousin Charles. Asphyxiated by social conventions and the greed of his father, his submissive temper revolts for love. But that same love that helps her mature is also the cause of her loneliness, the monotony, and melancholy that frame her sterile existence. Balzac's characters tend to be tortuous, consumed by their secrets, with their demons constantly advising. The work is a portrait of greed and illusion about power and interests. Some consider it the best work of Balzac.

Author: Donald Freddy Calderón Noguer

Edicion: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 84-8280-293-6