Farc ¿Derrota Militar y Victoria Politica?

Farc ¿Derrota Militar y Victoria Politica?

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Taken from the Foreword The political victory of the FARC - Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - over the Colombian people and their democracy is a case study that, in the future, will be analyzed by insurgents, terrorists, and elements of organized crime. to understand how it was that an armed group, being defeated militarily - or in the best case, in the process of losing without the possibility of winning -, reached its strategic objectives. Despite having seen the evolution of the "Peace Agreement" live, it is still difficult for me to believe that the winning entity of the conflict has granted so many advantages to the losing group. For me, it is clear evidence that no one with authority in the Colombian government studied the theory of war termination. Or maybe they did study it, but they had other purposes. There is no doubt that the Colombian people are tired of 50 years of a conflict that has left more than 200,000 dead, more than 7 million displaced, tens of thousands of hostages and countless physical and emotional injuries. Of course, the Colombian people were willing to seek a peace process. But, surely, that same town did not contemplate that the government of President Santos was going to waste the advantageous position achieved by the Colombian Military Forces. Precisely, this book is an effort to analyze the key variables that gave the FARC a political victory after experiencing the loss of time, space, and human capital. At this point, in mid-2017, we do not know if the political victory of the FARC will be short term, or the first step towards achieving its long-range goals. The future of a Colombia in peace, democracy, and prosperity depends, among many other variables, on its own resolution. CRAIG A. DEARE Ph.D. Professor of International Security Affairs.

Author: Thomas H. Marks, David Mauricios Gonzales Ortiz, Vicente Torrijos Rivera


Idioma: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1382-4