¿Guerra o paz?

¿Guerra o paz?

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Colombia is preparing to start a new path towards liberal civility democracy and inclusion through democratic legality and the Peace Process in Havana, Cuba, which President Juan Manuel Santos has wanted to promote. The recent past as Álvaro Uribe's neoconservative construction and implementation and correspondence of the neoliberal doctrine shot should never be repeated. This is how the history of peoples is dialectically constructed, to which we wanted to contribute to citizens or political subjects in formation who represent the majority of the excluded people and victims of the violence of democratic security, first from exile and now from country, with which it is our desire and commitment, to contribute to the reconstruction of the diminished democracy from the neoliberal ruins, towards a more inclusive social democracy in rights and freedoms, starting from the transition of Santos as President of the Colombians.

Author: Freddy Castro

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1248-3