Guía para un matrimonio virtuoso

Guía para un matrimonio virtuoso

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This guide was written with those couples who decide to embark on a path of love with a virtuous and happy marriage project. Likewise, as support in the subject for the academic community, parents, family advisors and spiritual guides who want to contribute to the formation of young people and accompany them to cultivate the illusion of marriage and the formation of the family in the future. It consists of a selection of key questions and answers that I hope will serve as guidelines for reflection, so as to allow a more conscious decision about what marriage really means, which includes the initial commitment to all its vicissitudes and the new life in common of a man and a woman who formalize their relationship. It is a material that can be used self-taught by couples, or under the guidance of a specialist.

Author: Echeverry Hoyos Marina

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 9789581204595