La Llamada de la Selva

La Llamada de la Selva

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The call of the jungle is the story of Buck, son of a Saint Bernard and a Scottish shepherd dog. The animal accustomed initially to domestic life passes through the hands of various masters and knows the primitive law of the cane and the whip dragging heavy sleds through the icy expanses of Alaska. Finally, he finds a good master, Thornton, with whom he comes to live in a kind of intimate and mysterious understanding, to the point of saving his life on several occasions. But during his long snow pilgrimages, Buck feels the atavistic call of the jungle, the instinct that drives him to run freely with his wild brothers. Finally, the day his master is missing, Buck runs howling to meet his peers, the wolves.

Author: Jack London

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-607-8259-04-5