La Mortuoria I y II

La Mortuoria I y II

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The unfulfilled covenant claims the blood of the untouchables and only the exorcism will represent the end, but the consequences that all this has left are even stronger than the very spawn, every day that passes she becomes stronger, the domain of her territory is a whole apocalypse, its rituals have spread, the devil's glen is the most dangerous visit and now that it has a new body it is stronger, the spells are unbreakable and its black blood no longer only runs in its body, the army of bodies rotten that at their service are finished with everything she indicates, the road is moving, the game with the untouchables is stronger, the new victims are in the place she has built for them, they have nowhere to flee, the terrible encounter on the suspension bridge ensures that its dam, in the form of a cross, is the most horrifying cemetery ever built, its blood will take on the worst revenge.

Author: Fabian Cardona Munera

Edicion: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-06-1390-9