La Odisea

La Odisea

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GUIDES OF READING is a didactic support for teachers and students. They present in a pleasant and enthusiastic way the step-by-step argument of each work. Its main characters and critical analysis from a current authorized perspective. In addition, a brief and complete biography of the author and his works. Each work has been carried out by professionals specialized in the work, meeting the needs of initiation to the reading demanded by today's youth. THE GUIDES are intended to provide students with access to the great works of literature. They provide the reader with a basic knowledge of each book. They seek to advance the complete reading of the original text, through the use of literary resources that create expectations for the student and a special interest in reading the complete work. They seek to awaken the pleasure of reading.

Author: Graciela Maglia De Ferrari

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-848-280-267-1