La Raiz del Sol

La Raiz del Sol

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It's hard to understand that a writer like Rubén Velázquez Martinez has not been released before. But as the root of the land, so was this great Mexican author and essentially huasteco. Like the title of your book, just like a root, growing under the earth, nourishing itself with the very essence of its surroundings and of the people around him, in that country that is a combination magic of valleys and mountains, of unpredictable volcanoes and gorges, extraordinary and nopales fruits. But above all, of literature. Because that's what this man attached to the earth, or better to say, this man of letters than not by chance it was tanned in the terroir, because it was written in the stars that would find a way to show the world that land the only one that nourishes the writer, and that he now announces with La root of the sun, his second book.


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