La Revolución Bolchevique

La Revolución Bolchevique

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In 2017 the arrival of the first of the three great totalitarianism of the twentieth century was recalled: communism, which for more than seven decades became the longest, followed by the Italian fascism that lasted 22 years and German National Socialism with 12. But, beyond its longevity, the communist experience that starts with the Bolshevik Revolution has features that are not found in the other totalitarian experiences of that tragic century. Due to the supposed political rationality of Bolshevism, at the expense of party discipline, the orders of the supreme chiefs were never discussed, but were accepted and executed as coming from an “infallible and divined leadership”. The Bolshevik transformation was radically inhuman and ended up imposing unlimited terror, repression, military purges and mass murder inside and outside their own territories. The present book, which is not an aspiration for absolute truth, is a contribution of the academy to the critical revision of a historical-political phenomenon whose long repercussion reaches our days.

Author: Rodríguez Iturbe José

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 9789581204786