Los desafíos de la familia en la era digital

Los desafíos de la familia en la era digital

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One of the great educational challenges facing the family at the head of the parents is to train their children to make safe, responsible and constructive use of the new information and communication technologies. However, it is a pending task. Why? A concept has been progressively rooted for a long time: the technology chip. This consists of believing that children and adolescents manipulate technological devices easier than us thanks to a special, superior and different DNA load. And we really believe it! We have come to believe that children and adolescents, by the simple fact of being them, have a kind of digital “competition”, a kind of predisposition for the most efficient use of technology. However, that is not so true.

Author: Díaz Bohorquez Juan Camilo

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 9789581204670