Los Elegidos

Los Elegidos

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The Chosen is the story of the German citizen B.K. that as a result of the persecution suffered by the Nazi regime, he emigrated to Bogotá. Having inherited valuable actions, he is immediately admitted to the most elegant social club in the capital, The Atlantic Club, where he participates in the luxuries and pleasures of the country's elite, in the exclusive La Cabrera neighborhood. B.K. Calvinist, single, and bohemian enjoyed the honey of fortune until when a conspiracy of jealousy and envy, led by Muir the U.S. ambassador, precipitates him into a Kafka tragedy. Only Olga's love and caresses will be his only support. This surprising and original novel by Alfonso López Michelsen, educated at the Saint Michel College in Brussels and in France, is written with a strong Proustian literary accent.

Author: Alfonso Lopez Michelsen

Edition: 1

Language: Spanish

ISBN: 978-848-2802-27-5