Los Impostores del Paraiso

Los Impostores del Paraiso

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The pastor dies. I had a hard time assimilating it but it will die between the impassive breath of one and the other; not of his two women who persecute him, love, and hate him, but of life and death that sway in a poem by Siamese along a sterile hospital corridor. It's unfortunate: cancer summarizes in his groans, in his choking, in the change of his color. It seems that his oak bones absorbed his skin like a very mango Mature, watery and sucked. Maybe he dies hunched in between his new gray hair and the laughable look of compassion of his wife and the Of your old lovers.

Author: Luis Felipe Vásquez Aldana

Edition: 1

Language: Language

ISBN: 978-958-06-1354-1