Los poemas del ser

Los poemas del ser

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"The poet of love", says Latin America and Spain of Ramón Manrique Focaccio. 38,675 likes, 5,243 comments, 15,589 times shared in a single week! They speak for themselves in this beautiful book. In the past, those who consecrated an author were the critics who wrote in magazines and newspapers. Today, thanks to science, those who judge who is who in literature are Social Networks. It could be said that for the first time in history, art has been democratized ... It is the netizens, who today decide who writes well, and who does not. The thousands of likes, comments and shares, plus the reading and approval of the manuscripts by the editor and his team, convinced Black Sheep to publish these beautiful poems.


Edición: 1

Idioma: español

ISBN: 978-958-06-1366-4